Connecting lighting underground


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Connecting lighting underground

Our home has several lights along the driveway, one of which was damaged by a truck. I want to remove the light and connect the wires so I'll just be using the remaining lights. There seems to be many types of products to use and I'd like to find out what will work well without being overkill.

I've found over a dozen options from DryConn Waterproof Connectors ($1) to NSI Easy-Splice Wrap Around Gel Splice Kit ($30). and many in between. Thoughts please on what to use.
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Hi, any of the devices that are rated for the purpose and used correctly should be fine ,what voltage are the lights and what type of cable do you have?
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First you have to tell us what you have or give us some pictures. Are your lights 120VAC or 12VDC?
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If line voltage (120v), you'll have to either use an accessible box (not buried) to make the connection, or one of those gel splice kits which are approved for underground use. The silicone filled wire nuts (DryConn Waterproof Connectors) can't be used on their own.

If low voltage (12v), you can do almost anything you want. I wouldn't hesitate using those waterproof connectors, though I would make a note as to where they are in case they ever get loose in the future.

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