Help with dbl switch - disposal n sink light please.


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Help with dbl switch - disposal n sink light please.

Attaching screens. I have black hot coming from box, and white neutral coming from box. The red goes down to disposal receptical (but there isn't one there yet) and there is a black and white in the coneuit box where the missing disposal receptical is and they lead to a receptical on other side of sink for appliances.

Can someone pls diagram best and safest way to run the aforementioned (and any others needed) wires to get power switch to disposal, over sink light and receptical on other side of sink? Also can I wire straight to the disposal or do I need to run it to receptical under sink for disposal to plug into? Thanks in advance.

Edit:. I also have another switch similar to that only there is a red light where one of the switches goes
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Hi, disposal should be cord and plug connected, no need for switch if done this way, so the Red and White will go to the receptacle for the disposal.
Black and same White will connect to the yellow NM cable that goes (presumably) to the counter receptacle which must be GFCI protected.
Not sure what the intention for that switch is.

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