Dimming fluorescent tubes

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Dimming fluorescent tubes

Hi all,

I have two wall-mounted fixtures that take T5 circular fluorescent tubes:

<img src="https://i.paste.pics/7aee56d613dfbb54ac700295ca1c9c2c.png" width="1460" height="1452"/>

Connected to the twin fixture is a simple push-button dimmer switch. Incredibly, using this switch the lights would dim but the tubes would burn REALLY fast. After replacing three pairs of tubes, I finally delved into what it actually means to dim fluorescent tubes. I asked various electricians and they all said it would be complicated and difficult and it would be better to simply replace the fixtures for a LED system. The problem is, there apparently exists no LED replacement for T5 circular tubes and I just like the fixtures.

So my question is, if I replace the ballast in each fixture by say the Philips HF-R 1 26-42 EII (EAN/UPC 8711500913975):

<img src="https://i.paste.pics/c9fbcc1c6e83935d1f95189af809d7c8.png" width="400" height="273"/>

or the Philips HF-Ri TD 1 26-42 E+ (EAN/UPC 87182912416760):

<img src="https://i.paste.pics/b60125d7c62a28ab0cab9c586d0e62a9.png" width="1602" height="1200"/>

both of which have dimensions almost identical to the ballast in the fixture, and I get the Philips Master T5 or TL5 circular, will the lights function properly with my dimmer switch?

Now, the dimming ballasts above have a declared "rated lamp power" of 22/42W (on T/C lamps) for the first model and of 26W (on T/C lamps) or 22/42W (on TL5C lamps) for the second model. Does that mean that is the highest lamp power they can handle? In other words, should I get 40W or 22W dimmable circular tubes?

Please note that, in the chaotic Philips website, there appears to be a difference between the Master T5 Circular 22W lamp (EAN/UPC 927965084013), which is given as a "consumer" product, and the Master TL5 Circular 22W (EAN/UPC 871150064095626), which is given as a "professional" product. There seems to be no 40W dimmable T5 lamp but the entire series of TL5s are all dimmable.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make this question any shorter. If anyone has a mind to get into this, I'm ready to give you any other info I can.

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You will get unanimous support on this site to just change over that fixture to LED an scrap the ballasts used in florescent lighting.

It's the perfect time to make the conversion and nobody has ever been disappointed that they made the change!
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I'm a second vote to replace the fixture with LED. Fluorescent is a older and dying technology and it's already getting harder to find bulbs and ballasts. LED's are now very common and the prices are reasonable.
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Thanks for your replies, even though shifting to LED is the best option overall, would anyone have an opinion on the technical aspects of the post?
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Search how flourescent lights work. EdisonTechCenter.org usually has excellent explanations.

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