replacing recessed spotlight over kitchen sink


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replacing recessed spotlight over kitchen sink

have had a 1750-lumen spotlight over the kitchen sink for years. controlled by toggle switch hear the sink.

one day when switch was turned on, the spotlight was on briefly then flickered off. replacing the bulb did not help.

in ceiling, found new construction recessed light screwed to the studs...all steel. no work box...14-2 wire connected in open with wire nuts and tape. power goes to the light...switch loop went to the toggle switch so white wire was power to light. wire from switch loop is 14-2 NM also.

figured the thermocoupler went bad but couldn't find that component by itself so bought a remodel construction recessed light with J-box. wired it up the same way (which matched the instructions) but the bulb did the same thing....on briefly then flickered off.

swapped out old ungrounded toggle switch with 15A grounded toggle switch and grounded to box. light still didn't work.

hooked up the new light directly to the power without the switch loop. still no light.
voltmeter confirmed 120v AC going into the light. 0 coming out

did I burn out the thermocoupler on the new recessed light? Or did I missed something in the 2-conductor wiring? I read that the switch loop is obsolete and I should use a 3-conductor wiring setup. So do I return the new construction recessed light for a new one OR do I have to get some 14-3 NM and replace wires on the power side and the switch side? Or is there something else I missed completely?
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Sounds like a loose connection somewhere before the light. Good luck finding it. If they left one open air connection above the light who knows how many others there are that could be the problem.
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Hi, no need for a 3 wire, you have an existing situation, if you have power going in but not to the socket it sounds like the thermal OL, what wattage lamp are you using ?
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old bulb is 83 watts and the inside now rattles near its socket base. replacement bulb is 80 watts. nothing huge in terms of wattage.

in reference to joed's reply, there is a old round-ish steel junction box in the ceiling that joins two old black-insulation-covered lines with the line supplying power to the aforementioned kitchen recessed light. lid is molded into a rounded mound with a hole in the center. Tape (and maybe wire nut) connections....can't tell but each "ball" is hard as a rock. two ground wires connected to box cover screws. antique but functional. really don't want to replace all this if I don't have to.

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