Relocating a Light Fixture

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Relocating a Light Fixture

Hi. I would like to remove the 2 wall sconces pictured (only 1 is installed) and install a single light over the sink (to be installed). The 2 existing lights are controlled by a single light switch. If I managed to install a new box centered above the sink using one of the cables currently connected to one of the existing sconces, can I simply disconnect the unused cable from the light switch? So I would then have an unconnected cable within the walls, but not hooked up to any power source. The outlet pictured is on a different circuit.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Alternatively, how much would an electrician charge for this work? Thank you!

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We can see one cable in the right box.
What is in the working light box ?

Typically the circuit goes from the switch to one light box and then the other. Based on that there may be two cables behind that working light. The jumper between them could be cut off and abandoned as it would be dead. You would use the cable that comes from the switch. It may not be easy to find the cable from the switch to the box. It could go thru the attic. You cannot splice in the wall. All splices must be in a box.
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Both light boxes are identical. I just had the one light installed...but they're the same. Both boxes are shallow and secured to a stud. There's just the one cable coming out of the box behind the installed light. I don't see where there would be a jumper unless it's in another box behind the wall somewhere.
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Hi, how many cables are in the switch box?
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The wires coming out from the right hand box! Are they directly from the left hand box going horizontal through the studs or as PJ suggested are they going up through the attic then back down to the box?
Both those wired boxes must be covered with a blank cover and not buried in the wall. Which ever box (left or right) is fed from the switch is the one you want to extend up to the ceiling, install a box and make a new overhead light location. Just cut the wires in the other box.
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You will need to patch the existing light locations anyway so the easiest way would be to remove the drywall and reroute the existing cabling to the new light location. You would likely only need to remove a strip of drywall 2'x3'. Then reinstall the drywall (or new) tape and paint.

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