LED dimmers

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LED dimmers

Hi all,
Question on LED dimmers/bulbs as I havenít used the combo yet. I have a fixture in the bathroom that I put in 3 -100 watt Cree led lamps from Home Depot. I also bought two separate led dimmers that I have tried and both have exhibited issues so I am assuming possibly the dimming technology hasnít been perfected yet. These are toggle dimmers with the separate slider. First dimmer was a Leviton and when you dimmed it very low , if you shut it off in low region, when you turned it on it would only light one or two builds and sometimes all three. Never consistent. So I bought a Lutron next which was like $30. This one when on low if you turn it off when you turn it on usually no lamps come on and you have to slide the slider up to more bright. This is annoying as if you turn it to low and shut it off itís nice to turn it on when you wake up in the middle of the night and it being on low. Now you have turn it on then move the slider up which is a as pain. I know this one has an adjustment pot on it so you can adjust the low end but if I adjust it up to try and eliminate the issue the low end is to bright. Anyone else battle this. Thx
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Most LED dimmers & bulbs I've seen have trouble at low settings. Many dimmers and dimmable bulbs work by pulsing the AC power sent to the bulb. How long the pulses are is interpreted as a command by the bulb for how bright to illuminate. At very low settings you run into manufacturing variability where the bulb is right on the ragged edge of turning on at all. They work great at 25-100% illumination but become less reliable at very dim settings.

I suggest getting lower powered bulbs so you can have the low level lighting you want without having to turn the bulbs down so low. You can also try buying more of the same 100w equivalent bulbs. Then, when at the low setting, swap out the bulb that doesn't illuminate with one that does. Basically you are matching the bulbs so they all are more similar.

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