Stubborn ceiling fan pull chain

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Stubborn ceiling fan pull chain

I have a ceiling fan with a really hard to pull fan switch.

The light switch works fine. The ceiling fan switch is very hard to pull, half the time the chain breaks where the two segments connect.

At first I thought may be the glass globe hole on the side was not aligned well with the pull chain switch so I took the globe down.

<img src="" width="432" height="576"/>

If I just pull the chain where it enters the assembly it works smooth and easy.

<img src="" width="432" height="576"/>

But if you take the chain and drop it through the hole on the fan body, then the hole on the globe, then connect another segment, it doesn't pull.

It is just too much friction and change of angle it seems.

<img src="" width="432" height="576"/>

Is it possible to lubricate the pull mechanism? WD40? Silicone spray? Bacon grease ?
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Oink.... oink. Yeah... a little bacon grease.

I just love that pull chain setup. I cringe every time I have to install one of those.
Unfortunately I don't know of any way to make it operate easier.
I don't lubing the chain will help.
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I had a couple like that. Turn off power to fan and spray some dry lube in hole. let it dry and try. Worked for me. I have a lot of old fans with same setup. Each will get a shot of lube as I find the hard ones.
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Is the problem that the balls catch on the thin metal edges of each of the holes that it passes through? Those ought to have a smooth plastic grommet so that the chain passes through a smooth hole. Maybe a 3D printer could make something.

Personally I would forget the holes and let the chain dangle over the globe. The chains are missing the weighted pulls on the ends.
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Problems like this are frequent on the cheapy ceiling fans sold these days. Let me guess, it was Made in China!

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