NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan Slipping - Housing Jammed


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NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan Slipping - Housing Jammed

Hi all! A bit of context: My spouse and I are first time homeowners and aren't big DIYers, so we're having to learn as we go. We've got basic tools and know how to use them, but big repair projects are still a bit beyond our abilities. We are doing what we can to not have to bring contractors or repair folks inside of our house because we're both in at-risk categories for covid. We've done research on this problem and have tried a few different times to fix it, but we're at a loss on what to do without having someone else come in.

We bought our house recently from a couple who made what have turned out to be some pretty cheap "updates," including NuTone fans in the bathrooms that have all crapped out on us over the last few months. We've gotten two of them back in working order, so we know the basics on maintenance for that model - how to remove them, clean them, etc. Youtube is awesome for that.

Unfortunately, the third fan appears to have been installed in a hole that is too small for it, so even with the screw removed, the motor and fan mechanism can't be removed from the housing for us to clean it thoroughly or properly secure everything. We can reach up and slide the fan back into place, but after running for a few minutes the fan blades slip right back down and make that unpleasant scraping and rattling noise. It's the same model as the others so we have no idea what to do to fix this.

Here is a picture of the offending fan with the cover removed.

Can anyone offer any advice, or will we need to have a contractor in? This is in the master bathroom so we really want to avoid our bedroom becoming a Danger Zone. Someone on another forum recommended wrapping tape around the shaft to hold the fan in place but that sounds like it might be a fire hazard - but again, we're new to this, so I am happy to admit that I don't know for sure!

Thanks for your help and for your patience with a couple home repair newbies.
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The fact that the main fan is inserted into a larger round body tells me that it can be removed, you just may need to apply some persuasion. The rattle is caused by possible slip of the fan on the motor spindle. Once you get the fan body down, you can see if you can free the squirrel cage from the motor and clean. When you go to install the cage, try to add some form of material (fabric, teflon tape, etc) to make the attachment to the motor more secure. That way it won't slip while the fan is operating.
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Welcome to the forums.

Certainly no spring chicken. That fan is 30 years old.

You unplug the motor, remove the screw near the receptacle and the inside plate swings down on a hinge. I stock those motors and fan blades. They're available in many places.

Many places - parts only or entire plate.
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cheap "updates," including NuTone fans in the bathrooms
Considering the age of the fan, NuTone was one of the top quality fans of that era.
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Thanks for your help, folks! We indeed ended up needing to "apply some persuasion" (as well as pliers, and flathead screwdrivers as prybars) to remove the fan from the housing. We had to replace some screws because it was lodged up in there with a distinct lack of finesse. We also wound some electrical tape around the shaft. It is still loud, but it sounds like the intended kind of loud rather than "Dear lord please fix me" loud. We can deal with that until it's safe to replace them with exhaust fans that aren't as old as I am.

Thanks again, and I look forward to learning more about DIY here!
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I am a big fan, no pun intended, of the Nutone 8832 fan. I am glad PJmax that the parts are still available.
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