Flickering LED Recessed Housings

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Flickering LED Recessed Housings

I have some recessed lighting and I put the retrofit LED trims on them. I did this about a year ago and they have worked perfectly for over a year.

Now all of a sudden some of them are starting to flicker and go bad. Within the past week, at least 5 of them have gone bad. I took one of them out and as a test I tried it on different lamps throughout the house and I still get the flickering.

This is a severe flickering almost like a strobe light. Some lights on the same circuit/switch are still acting perfectly fine.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Is there a dimmer, electronic or smart switch controlling the lights that are failing?
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There is a dimmer on one branch, yes.

But I have the same lights on another branch with no dimmer and some of those are failing.
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If you took a light out that was flickering and moved it to a new location and it still flickers.... the light is bad.

Everyone is making/selling LED's now. The amount of low quality lights is staggering.
Can you take them back from where you got them ?
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No I can't. I had them for at least a year now. I don't have the receipt any longer.

I just read the reviews for them on Depot's website and other's have had the same issue with them not lasting very long. So it's not only me.

It must be like you mentioned, a low quality light.
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Led lamps that have the power supply built into the base of the lamp generate a lot of heat. There are no vents for the heat to escape. Some components in the power supply are heat sensitive. My guess is the recessed fixture is not allowing the heat to escape compare to an open air fixture. This accelerates the failure of the heat sensitive components causing failures like you are experiencing. While the lamp LED components may operate for 10 years, the power supply components are the weak link in the chain.
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I don't have the receipt any longer.
If you used a credit card to pay for them the Big Orange Box Store (HD) might still give you a store credit refund. They can look up the purchase in their system by credit card number. Depending on the cost and whether they listed a "warranty" or expected life in the product description it might be worth a try.

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