Crackling Noise from Ceiling - help identify

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Crackling Noise from Ceiling - help identify

So from yesterday morning, I've heard a crackling noise from the ceiling on the part of the house that was an addition. (I took the day off work yesterday for the rest of the week so maybe it was there for a while but i just noticed it from yesterday).

I thought it may be a bird outside but it's continued. Almost sounds like when you get a bee stuck in the windowsill and it's trying to fight it's way out.

I looked at the roof and don't see any animals there. I don't think it's electrical either.

I lightly banged on the ceiling and it the sound went towards the window. then it stopped and then started again.

The only thing I can think of is if there is some kind of bug stuck in there? between the ceiling and roof? But I would think it would have died by now.

Could it be termites maybe? I am not sure termintes make a crackling sound or not.

It is coming from the ceiling but not outside the roof. There are ceiling tiles there but it looks like they are not individual tiles and i'm not really sure how to take those off.


on another note, the weather has got hotter this week so i was wondering if it was just house noises. it did cool off significantly yesterday but going to be hot again today.

Not sure what it is. Sounds like a crackling almost current . I have some light fixtures up there but they are not on that side of the ceiling.
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Doubtful any bugs would be up there making that kind of noise. I'd find the attic opening and go up there and see what you can find as the first step!
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Crackling is a rare noise description.
Mt first thought is a mouse as they're typically busy traveling over the insulation.
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"I looked at the roof and don't see any animals there."
What were you thinking you'd see from the ground? Eight reindeer and a sleigh?

You will have to do the work and get up there and investigate.

Some of the odd sound causes I've run into:
thermal expansion & contraction
wasps behind vinyl siding
wind from certain direction causing metal attic vent to vibrate
wood boring insects chewing on wood
squirrels & mice in attic and walls
snakes in ceiling between insulation and sheetrock
roof leak dripping onto sheet metal ductwork
bees nest in soffit
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Just because the lights are on the other side of the room doesn't mean there are no wires up there. The FIRST thing to do if you hear something that sounds like electrical sparking is to turn off the main breaker!

If the crackling stops, then call an electrician.

Otherwise, you've got to start crawling around in the attic. Or call an exterminator, if you aren't up to doing it yourself..
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The fact that it moved towards the window when you banged on the ceiling would lead me to believe there is some critter up there. Possibly it was able to get in through a gap somewhere from when the addition was added onto the house. I've seen tons of crappy flashing work and gaps in addition work. If it's a rodent, they CAN and WILL chew wires and then you can have electrical problems as well, and possibly one dead and rotting smelly electrocuted rodent.

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