LED Full Spectrum Grow Light with half of the lights out/ Ballast?

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LED Full Spectrum Grow Light with half of the lights out/ Ballast?

So, my light system is only working at half or less power. Iam definitely no expert when it comes to LED lighting or how Ballasts work.
i am hopeful that someone can help me figure out how to test the Ballasts to determine if they are working or not. Also, these components were all hot-glued in place, so after I was able to free one of them, I'm not finding any information at all about any of it.
I will post some pictures and hope someone can help. Thanks for your time and assistance!

There are no markings on the Ballasts to tell the specs.

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I read several reviews on that light and they all had the same problem with half going out. More than likely they are over driving two of the sets. There is not going to be any technical info posted on that product. It's basically an inexpensive product from China.
Mr Home LED grow light

I would label each driver/power supply like A-B-C-D-E. If anything was labeled or marked.... it would be on each driver. Check each one for voltage output and note it. Confirm the drivers first. The drivers are replaceable but my hunch is you have open LED in one or two of the strings. Since the different color LEDs require different handling...... identify which colors aren't working if they're in the visible spectrum. Then you'll need to check each LED in the affected string. You could possibly reduce the circuit voltage and bypass a burned LED.
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LEDs use voltage from a power supply, not a ballast. Your appliance has many power supplies. If half the LEDs are out, my guess is the LEDs are in 2 electrical parallel circuits with the individual LEDs in each parallel circuit in electrical series. My guess is either a power supply output is missing or there is an open LED in the series circuit.
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My first choice would be to replace the light. Your light with burple emitters and cooling fans is old technology and is consuming more power than a more modern white LED grow light. More importantly is the heat your light generates. These days if you see a cooling fan on a light it's a bad sign. All that heat those two cooling fans are pumping out is heating your grow area. Not a problem in winter but it can be a huge issue in summer.

If you really want to save your light I would replace the drivers. You can probably power the whole light from one driver. There are good drivers available from Inventronics, Meanwell... that could replace your drivers. While at it I would not put the new driver inside the light housing. I would attach it to the light with a long cord so the heat of the driver can be kept out of your grow area.

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