Lights flickering help!

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Lights flickering help!

Hi guys,

Recently my lights have started flickering a lot, mainly in my basement when the ac is running. I installed the recessed lights in the basement and I feel like they've been fine for a while but all of a sudden they started flickering more and more. Any suggestions on what to look for? I read that an ac capacitor could be the culprit. Any help would be great!

Below is a video, not sure if you can view it or not.
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Are the lights LEDs or are they incandescent? Is there a dimmer controlling these lights? It appears that you have some construction going on, are these lights newly installed?
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Time to do a little tightening up of electrical connections. In the breaker panel, tighten all of the little screws and set screws that hold wires in place. For breakers, flip each off before touching its terminal screws. Do not use tremendous force. Only someone with a lot of experience should touch the big lugs that hold the really fat wires.

You need to do testing (as homework).

Easiest if you already/still have some light fixtures, especially (portable) table lamp fixtures, with screw in sockets. Also several incandescent (old fashioned) light bulbs.

Do lights flicker elsewhere in the house? (Easiest to notice with incandescent lights.)

Of the lights that flicker, when they flicker, do they all flicker in unison?

When lights flicker, are there any (incandescent) lights that do not flicker?

Of the lights that flicker, are there any that get brighter when others get dimmer?

Move the (incandescent) lights to different receptacles and different rooms.

A voltmeter will give more accurate results than lights but requires more time and patience.
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It looks like the one in the front of the picture goes from completely OFF to ON. If all three are on the same switch, does that tell you something? Donít know if it does however, or if it makes any difference in terms of the proper troubleshooting procedure.

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