New ceiling fan...

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New ceiling fan...

With summer on the way, I was hoping to install some ceiling fans in my bedrooms. There are no previous ceiling light fixtures, but each room has a switch that controls a wall outlet. What is the best way to have the outlets with constant power while utilizing the power at the switch to control the fan and lights? I've already purchased one of the single pole double double throw switches.

Any advice?
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There are no previous ceiling light fixtures
each room has a switch that controls a wall outlet.
​​​​​​​I've already purchased one of the single pole double double throw switches
No power to the ceiling, only to a wall plug, so what is that switch going to do unless your plan is to tear open the wall and run a new wire from the existing switch box up to the ceiling. A huge amount of work!

You are better off to just get power to the ceiling fixture where the fan will be installed and using the remote control with the fan to turn off/on.
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You are going to have to pull new wiring through the walls and ceiling. The best way will depend on the construction of your house. My preference would be to run a new cable from the light switch up to the ceiling but that will depend on your current wiring (how power is supplied to the switch). Also to consider is if you have attic above or if it's another finished floor where you don't have access.
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I would look into pulling a new line from the fuse box up into the attic.
Then use that for the fans you want to install.
I would not bother with an on/off switch as most fans today come with a remote control.

As others have said a lot depends on the house.
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I've done a few like this, some with a switched wall receptacle, some with an in-line switch on the cord.
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Most newer homes do not have ceiling lights and almost all have the first outlet switched. I have done this on eight occasions. If this is a second floor room, it's easier because you can usually get to the crawl space to fish wires and install a fan rated box. If it's a first floor room under an existing room you need to rip open the wall and ceiling. Most likely the power goes to the outlet first IIRC (at least that is how all mine went). The remote idea is fine (and I control one of the fans just with the remote, but power is from the switch), but since you need to run wire up to the ceiling anyways, you may as well power the outlet independent of the switch. It's not that much trouble.
Running a new line from the fuse box does not seem like a reasonable method, but the situation might allow it.
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Here is a kit with chain, cord with switch, and hooks, that makes hanging a ceiling fan as I showed a few posts up.

The kit will make things a lot easier, 40 years ago when I first installed a fan this way, I had to come up with the "kit" from scratch.

Got the idea from sitting on the couch looking up at a swag light hanging in the corner of the room.

Only had switched receptacles in the living room, no over head light, and accessing that part of the attic was next to impossible.

You will still need a fan rated pancake box to enclose the wiring and mount the fan to.

Quick fix, perhaps temporary, depending on your skill level as a electrician, or how deep your pockets are.

No cutting holes in sheetrock.


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