First timer diy’er needs your help 🙋🏻‍♀️

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First timer diy’er needs your help 🙋🏻‍♀️

This is my very first rime attempting electrical or explaining this kind of stuff im needing help with so please bare with me.
My main floor of my open concept apace has 4 light fixture all with thier own switches
1 entry way
2 living room
1 kitchen
(lets call that the left side of 1st floor
on the right side will be 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom)
i have replaced all the light fixtures ceiling mounted on left side (1entryway 2 living room 1 kitchen) everything went fine and lights all worked with no problems.
When i went to do 1st bedroom (off of entryway and the living room) , the wire/junction box in ceiling was different than the others , 4 ceiling fixtures i just did , thus one was housings 6
There was 2 seperate bundles capped off with one cap on each bundle of 3 wires
1st bundle had 2black and 1white (1cap)
2nd bundle 2white 1black (1cap)

i left the first bundle alone and used 2nd bundle
I attached the 1 black wire (which was a hot wire i had tested with circut alert pen) to same colour wire in my fixture and then did the same with the 1 white wire to my white one in fixture. And then capped the 3rd wire (2nd white one)
Light worked abd turned on fine
now my 2 living room and 1 kitchen lights will not work. The entry way light is working fine. The other 2 bedrooms (right side ) will not turn on either… those lights i have not touched yet so are still the original lighting, and had worked fine before i installed the 1st bedrooms light i had just did (right side) ( 6 wire ceiling box. )

in the utility box (other then bathroom,and appliances switches which are all still in working order and have not been effected) theres only
ONE 1st floor lights” (all ceiling fixtures right and left side combined) switch
One “bedroom plugs” switch
One “kitchen counters” (kitchen plugs)
One “living room plugs” switch
for the whole entire floor (left and right side combined)

so recap
ALl plugs for whole floor working (right and left side)
entry way light (left side) and 1st bedroom (right side) are working
All other ceiling lights are not
2living room and 1 kitchen lights (left side)
2 bedrooms (right side)

before i installed anything, every thing worked … the whole floor, every plug every light.

what did i do ?!!

i hope i didnt make it too confusing , i tried to explain every angle im assuming needs be covered , im sorry …. Im truly lost and trying my best

if anyone can help me plz
id really appreciate it
thank you for your time

Ps ive since taken off the bedroom ceiling light with a hope theres some chance my other ceiling lights would maybe work again…. Nothing
ive left the fixture off in bedroom untill i can fer this figured out.
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Welcome to the forums.

There was 2 seperate bundles capped off with one cap on each bundle of 3 wires
1st bundle had 2black and 1white (1cap)
2nd bundle 2white 1black (1cap)
This does not sound correct.
You should have more than two splices.
There was a light there that you pulled down.
Where was the light connected ?

Should be:
First splice was 2 black and 1 white..... ok. This is hot in to hot out and power to switch on white.
Second splice should be 2 white wires and the light white.
Third splice should be a single black to black of the fixture.

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