Are electric trolling motors any good?


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Question Are electric trolling motors any good?

I own a 16' Tracker open fishing boat and with a 30 hp tiller Johnson. I am currently using a 9.9 Johnson as a back-up motor.
How good would a moderately priced electric trolling motor be as a replacement for the 9.9.
I don't have much experience with them and wonder how far on average you could go on a charge.
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well they are great to manuver around a cove or shallow area are to attempt to stay on a desired fishing spot but as far as constantly trolling, as in always on and moving the boat it will not replace your 9.9 cause although it would probably do the job for 2-3 hours it would eventually drain the battery or batterys down enough to where you would have to use the gas engine.
i own a 17 ft tracker with a 40 that will idle all day long on a couple gallons of gas although it probably isnt that good to put that many hours on your outboard.
if your asking about how far you could travel on an electric trolling motor in case you had engine trouble and no one around to give you a tow back in,the trolling motor on mine would probably go about 3 - 4 miles at a very very slow speed it would likely take you over an hour to go that distance with it set on high, but that is the one that came equiped with the boat and only uses 12 volts the multiple battery models may last longer?

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