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Carbon Removal

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09-30-02, 12:35 PM   #1  
Removing carbon buildup in old motor

Any advice on how to remove the carbon buildup in the cylinders? What about using Sea Foam or Marvel Mystery Oil for this purpose? Are there better products?

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09-30-02, 06:25 PM   #2  
On two cycle engines, carbon guard or ring free.
For four cycle, inboard and sterndrive engines
i like power tune by quicksilver.

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10-15-02, 09:10 AM   #3  
Sea Foam !!

Without a doubt SeaFoam (from NAPA, $4-6) is the BEST !! Easiest way is to take a 3-gallon spare tank, fill with almost a gallon of fuel and one can of Sea Foam. Run no higher than 2500 RPM, or "securely" tie off boat to dock and run up tro 2K.

Run until 1/3rd of mix is burned then shutdown. Wait 15 minutes - this is important. Restart and burn another 1/3rd. The smoke you'll see burning off is the carbon, the OB needs those 15 minutes to get under the crud and soften it up. Continue. This is recommended every 50-60 hours REGARDLESS of 2 or 4 stroke motor. I do my vehicles too.

BTW - Deep Creep is the aerosol version of Seaf Foam, some with new tech OBs use this instead. It is SAFE with all O2 sensors. Sea Foam works the fastest and is the best. And no ... I don't work for them !


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10-15-02, 10:51 PM   #4  
telco tech
OMC made a product called "Engine Tuner", worked on the same principle, run the engine, spray half the can into the intake, let it set for 8-16 hours, start again, spray the other half into the intake. Don't do it with a flush-muffler in your driveway, the gunk it will push out of the exhaust will stain the concrete for about a year. I've also heard good things about the Sea Foam product, but haven't tried it yet.

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10-16-02, 04:23 AM   #5  
Originally posted by telco tech
OMC made "Engine Tuner" ... let it sit for 8-16 hours ...
Good stuff I agree, but who has time for that ! To me its just not viable when SeaFoam works instantly at 1/2 the price .

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10-29-02, 06:31 AM   #6  
An ole trick from an old mech I know . May not be advisable for the inexperienced though . Let the engine run untill it gets to operating temperature , take some cold water in a soda bottle , rev the engine at fairly high rpm , sprinkle a little of the cold water through the carb , The combination of heat and a dash of cold will bust the carbon and blow it out the exhaust . Like I said , this was the old method before the chem solutions came into being . Works real well for removing carbon from the top of pistons too .

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