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New Wooden Deck for Pontoon Boat

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10-29-02, 09:58 AM   #1  
New Wooden Deck for Pontoon Boat

I am replacing the deck on my 26 foot pontoon boat, afterwhich I will recarpet the deck and reinstall my seating etc. I have had advice to use 3/4 inch marine grade plywood. This comes in two grades at $86 for grade AA and $69 for grade AB. Because of the cost associated with this approach, I know some people who have used regular 3/4 inch plywood (smooth finish on one side) and have used 2 coats of wood sealer and two coats of polyurethane. Since I do not feel like engaging in this additional labor, can I get by with the less expensive Marine grade AB? Also, a lumber yard guy said this AB marine grade plywood should also be treated with a sealer. Is that correct? I'm buying the marine grade so I don't have to get involved with all the other steps. Any good advice out there?

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11-03-02, 02:30 PM   #2  
ply wood

i'm thinking the difference in price here is about 70 bucks , and something that is going to last for awhile , mite be the difference in cost is , the number of plys that one has to the other , i would go with the best grade , it would be stronger having more plys , used to redeck these floating crafts , and best is alway better , dont forget to draw a plan of where everything is useing a tape and this will get you back to where you were befor the r&r of the new floor

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11-05-02, 01:16 AM   #3  
AA and AB, etc. is the grade of only the two outer surfaces of plywood whatever the thickness or treatment, if any.
A is the highest, clearest and best grade surface, B is next, and so on. For example, CDX plywood would be C grade on one side , D grade on the other, and the X stands for exterior. (Untreated CDX is common for use as roof sheathing, etc.)
If you're using marine plywood, AB should be fine with the A side up. There should be no need to "seal" it. That would be optional. Marine grade is pressure-treated for that purpose.
The number of plys has to do only with the thickness (strength), which should be 3/4" for decking.
I have a smaller pontoon boat, and that's what I would use anyway...3/4" AB marine grade.
Good luck!

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11-05-02, 04:41 AM   #4  
oops on the grade of plywood

thanks oldguy for the fix on the grade of plywood , almost

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11-05-02, 04:49 PM   #5  
A while back I rebuilt my aluminum fishing boat and used standard pressure treated plywood as marine grade was unavailable.
Any idea on how well this material stands up compared to marine grade plywood?

GregH.........HVAC/R Tech

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11-05-02, 05:40 PM   #6  
Gregh on plywood

where i used to work r&r decks , that was all that was available up here in upper mi. , so don't know what the lasting affect is from marine , compared to pressure treated wood , just know this is what we used , have a pontoon we did that is used across the sreet where we live that i did , and it is about 9 years and going good so far , still as strong as the day we did the job , ????? so what can i say , almost

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