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I have a 14' Starcraft aluminum fishing boat with a 6.6hp Evinrude outboard. Unfortunately, that time of year has come and it's time to store her away for the winter. What are the most important things that I should do to make sure that she in top running condition for the spring? I usually cover it real well with a tarp to prevent snow and water from getting in, and I usually put the trailor up on blocks to take weight off of the tires. Anything else that you recommend? Thanks.
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Lightbulb ......My "Two Cents" Worth

Hello: raymo8

Thanks for asking this excellent generalized question from which all the topic readers can learn from.

I am not exactly sure to which your referring. Winterizing the boat, the engine or both. However, I am always interested in knowing more on the entire subject of winterizing both.

I have heard others and read that it helps tremendously to throughly clean the internal and external aluminum surfaces of the boat and then wax the aluminum.

Of course, in my experience learning from others whom use their boats in both salt and fresh waters, doing this helps to prevent oxidation, corrosion, etc. Your useage may not be the same.

Since your in a totally different climate zone then we are here, where snow will have it's effects the boat, it may be adviseable to remove the engine & turn the boat over on the trailer.

Engine wise, the usual. Runing the engine to clean & flush the cooling system. Change the gear box and lower ends lubricant.

Removing the prop, greasing, lubricating & servicing the gearing, drive train system and exhaust system would be adviseable, if applicable.

Add oil in the spark plug holes, crank the engine several times to distribute the oil. Doing so will lube the internal engine parts.

Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel if you're going to have the ability to run the engine periodically. If not, run the engine totally dry of all fuel to help prevent carb gumming caused by old fuel.

Grease all bearings & fittings, lube all exposed control stearing cables etc. that are applicable. Apply a well known tire protectant to prevent the trailers tires from dry rot etc. and cover them.

Using a spray silicone sealer on electrical terminals, wiring etc also helps to prevent future problems. Silcone sealer spray can be used in place of other oilly lubricants on external parts. Doing so helps to prevent the attraction and holding dirt, etc on the treated areas.

Our resident boat repair professionals will have additional helpful information, suggestions and advice. Check back on your question several times for additional replies.

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating.
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Thanks Tom, that is really good info and i can only
add that you crank the engine over a couple of times
with the plug wires off and no water connected to
get the last drops out of the impeller housing.
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Thanks for all of the advise guys! I'll be sure to do ALL of these recommendations.
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winter ready

as for the out board motor , they have a fogging oil to spay in the carb when you get ready to shut it down , start motor well in water or put ear muffs on water intake with garden hose running and un hook gas from motor and spray fogging oil in carb until engine dies , this will prepare it for winter , them drain lower unit , take upper and lower plug out and emty gear lube , and then refill from bottom drain hole , until it come out top hole , put top plug in and then put bottom plug in , grease all fittings and cover prop ,and your motor should be ready for winter , as for the boat , turn upside down on trailor if can , if not , cover and make sure all water has drained out drain plug , hope this has helped , other posts have other things you should do ,alway use what lube that is for your motor on lower unit

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