Depth Finder Problem


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Marshall Buttrey
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Cannot read depth finder screen

I recently moved my Eagle Ultra III depth finder from my bass boat to my pontoon boat. It operated fine before the move, but I can no longer read the screen because of a lagrge number of vertical lines on the screen.

Marshall Buttrey
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Hello: Marshall

Lines displayed on the monitor screen may indicate a poor connection at one of the terminal connections. Recheck each connect for a good connection and also recheck each connection.

It's always possible during the transfer one of those connections was not reconnected properly or is not making a good connection.

Also possible the sensor is improperly located, improperly connected, etc. Recheck each.

May also be required for you to elaborate with further in depth details on how the unit was transferred, where each componet is currently installed and how the power supply to them is connected and or installed.

Also when this condition appears, etc. The additional information you can provide may allow the professionals within the forum topic to provide you with the potential problem causes and possible correctional methods.

Additional Suggestions:
Read the manufacturers online web site for product information, problem possibilities, causes and problem solving methods, part locations, disassembly, reassembly methods, repair procedures and instructions, pictorials and schematics, all or part of which may be available online.

Our resident boat repair professionals will have additional helpful information, suggestions and advice. Check back on your question several times for additional replies.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or questions, etc. Using this method also moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically.

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating.
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Hello: Marshall

I do not often read questions posted in this forum. Sorry for the delay rereading your question. Kindly excuse me.

As you have correctly stated, anything is possible. Therefore, that PVC spacer may in fact be all or part of the problem.

Grounding electrical equipment and or doing so correctly, is very important to insure proper operation.

To verify if the pvc spacer is all or part of the problem, try connecting a grounding wire to one of the attaching screws.

Doing so just may resolve the problem and or totally correct it. Once completed, note the results.

If the problem remains, the monitor and or any one or more of the connecting wires may be at fault. A visibly good looking wire exteriorly may have a higher resistance value interiorly.

Rechecking the resistance values of the wires and connections may be required to locate and determine the exact cause.

Very good possibility your question falls too far out the boat repair line of work to get a professional reply, since the question has more to do with electronic equipment.

I'll ask our resident computer and data communications forum moderators to read this question and possibly offer additional help and advice. They may know what the problem could be.

Keep checking back on your question in this forum.
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Marshall Buttrey
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Thanks Tom and Brandon.

I have checked all wiring with an ohm meter, and grounded the mounting screws. After many hours, I sent e-mail to Eagle. They said that the screen was bad. I did more looking, and the lines were always in the exact same place every time. I then believed what they said.

Thanks Again

Marshall Buttrey
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Hmm, I don't think I would give up that quickly on it. After all, unless you dropped it or something when moving it, I seriously doubt it is damaged. I think I would take it to a professional before totally discounting it. It may just need some adjustments to get it working properly.

Good luck!
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Hello: Marshall

I agree with Brandon. Not likely for the monitor to suddenly begin causing the kind of problem described unless it got physically bumped or damaged, etc.

Take the monitor to a local marine electronics repair shop. Have the service rep connect it to another transceiver and note if the problem remains.

If so, then it's the monitor. If not, may be a part or componet within the transceiver or the external wiring system, etc.

Purchasing a new monitor, which does not correct the problem, may be a time consuming and costly way to findout it's not the monitor at all.

When you finally get the problem resolved, would you kindly return to this forum, locate your question, use the reply button and update your question with what was the cause of the problem and how you corrected it?

Hope you would. In doing so, all readers of this forum and your question learn from it.

Thanks Brandon for offering your assistance.
Good Luck Marshall.

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Marshall Buttrey
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Thanks to Bandon and Tom.

I won't give up so easily, though I suspect it is the screen. I will update this post when I fix the problem or cede. Am a little busy glued to a TV, so it might be a while. Besides, Kentucky Lake (200 yards from my house) is too low to launch my boat.

Thanks Again
Marshall Buttrey
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Eagle Depth finder

Along the same lines I have a 14 ft Jon boat with two (2 Eagle Suprapro ID depth finders, one is mounted on the bow attached to the trolling motor and one is mounted on the stern near steerage. One of the units has developed vertical lines to the point where I cant read the numbers shown. I have swapped the units front to back and the one unit still has the lines whereas the other one is clear as bell. I have tried to find a repair facility near me but Im not getting a very good respons through the internet. Anyone with ideas would be appreciatedand likewise I will pass on the results.
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Sounds like a bad head unit, eagle should have it's own website and be able to repair it or try it's their parent company.
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Agreed. That's going to be a factory repair and not something that a local repair shop should attempt.

I had to send a Lowrance product for repair last year. It was a very good experience. The web site referred me to a 3rd-party source that handles their factory repairs. The flat-rate price (payment in advance required) was shown on the website and charged to my CC, but because they determined that it was still under warranty they automatically removed the charge. Not only that, but the unit I got back was a new-in-the-box swap.

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