boat motor repair


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boat motor repair

I have a 75 hp Chrysler Outboard which I think over heated. What damage could I have done? It won't start now, and I have tested the fuel pump which is good, it turns over fine, the compression is OK, (it is slightly lower on one cylinder but within acceptable standards) and I am going to try replacing the spark plugs. What else should I do? And where can I get a good manual for it? (preferably a tear down manual, as I feel I may need to take apart the lower leg to clean it out and check the water pump)
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When an outboard won't start, there's 3 things to check.

You've already done one of them. Compression.

The next thing is Spark. Pull a spark plug. With the plug wire attached, Ground the case (threaded part) to the block and crank. You should have a crisp blue/white spark.

Check each plug. If none of them spark, there's something wrong in the magneto system. You can sometimes remedy this by dressing the flywheel and mag surface with sandpaper.

If some have spark and others don't, then you may have fried a coil or two.

The last thing to check if fuel. Make sure you have good fuel hoses. No cracks or checks in them. A cracked fuel hose will "suck air" and not allow the fuel to be pulled into the carbs.

Here's a Chrysler manual I found. You don't mention the year yours is, but I'm pretty sure it will be in this range.
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