Won't go into gear.


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Won't go into gear.

1989 Johnson 40 HP Manual Shift. Coming into shore last weekend, maybe 2 or 3 mph, raise the engine slightly as I get closer to sandy/gravel shore, put it in neutral and "coast-in" the last 10 feet. Prop never makes contact with anything. Drop off passenger, put it in reverse, the engine revs as usual but the prop doesn't engage. Same in forward.
Followed the shift cable to the engine and it does move as you move the lever forward & back. Pulled the prop, it doesn't have a shear pin but a rubber insert instead. Seems to be ok. The prop shaft spins by hand in Neutral, F, & R.
Any help will be appreciated.
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[The shift lever on the engin is connected to a rod that goes down to the gears in the lower unit. I suspect that it came unconnected. If it is still connected and moves up and down when the shift lever is moved then the problem is in the lower unit.

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