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Question Personal Watercraft

I am looking to buy a couple used Personal Water Crafts for this summer. Can you tell me a couple things to look out for while shopping, and then a couple major things to do to ensure safety and fun? There is my girlfriend, myself and out 7-year old son that will be the main entertain-ees on these.

I am looking for parts that go bad and are difficult to replace, ways to tell if the machines were "ridden hard and put away wet," etc.

Any info will be appreciated.

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Hello D.Siegris

Buying used water recreational vessel {water toys} is very much like buying a used vehicle. Know the seller or buyer be aware.

If you purchased one from an inknown party your buying an unknow machine. Buying from a dealer who provides a warranty and after sales services and parts may cost slighly more but provides some peace of mind.

I do encourage everyone on the water to take a boating safety course. There are schools and classes offered at many places. You should be able to find them listed in the phone book or at the local landings and harbors.

Attending any one of these classes is one of the best investments in safe boating practices you'll ever make...

The resident professionals in the forum ahould be able to provide you with additional information on the watercrafts. Check back on your questions several times over the next few days.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or questions, etc. to this thread. Using this method also moves the topic back up to the top of the daily list automatically.

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating.
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Talking Watch Out For?


I'm a Bass Angler Fisherman and I don't like those PWC's. Stay out of my wake. Don't cross in front of me. I am bigger and much faster than you. And I don't turn on no dime.

Take a Safety Course!
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Yes like any other used vehicle you buy look & see if it has been kept up secondy start the boat & watch to see if any water comes out if so that means craft was not flushed & water has been in it since last time used which also shows lousy overall care of PWC. Ask owner if it has been in salt walter or not if yes ask him how he prep'd & cleaned gl hf they are a blast & for the Bass angler though Ranger & Skeeter puts out nice fast bass boats you best keep your eyes on the newer PWC as they will Smoke you some doing 70+ out of box
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Talking PWC

I have done it. I went out this week and bought a new Kawasaki Jet Ski. It is a 3-person craft and my boy had a blast being pulled on the tube behind it.

Unfortunately while coming in to beach for some lunch, we sucked a rock into the machine and it is no longer able to run. We had a good two hours, though!
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A few ? for you was this a brand new from retailer 3seater? How could you suck a rock big enough to kill that thing i have a three seater yahmaha & can not imagine having such a thing happening to my craft as I have been in the shallowist of water with rocky bottom & never have had a problem . Though in the ocean have had kelp get in there & had to go undernieth put my hands up there to clear then ran great!let me know if you need any help getting her going!!!
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Red face Rock!

I just want to say that this rock was the size of a dinner size meatball. It's as big as my son's fist. I tried to knock it loose, but wasn't budging. There is a plate that is screwed to the bottom of the PWC. I know that if I could remove that plate I could get it out myself, but I am concerned with voiding my warranty. Hate to have bought a 5 year warranty to void it after a mere 2 hours of ownership. We are taking it in today (Monday) and having the stone removed. Hopefully for free, but I am not holding my breath!
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Just a friendly reminder, it was never stated, but just to make sure.......... here in ohio for a jet ski to pull a skier/tuber, you need a 2nd person sitting backwards on the ski to watch the person being pulled, thats why you're not allowed to pull anyone on a 2 seater.
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Hope you dont get hosed by the dealer while you are there ask him how you could get such an item sucked up into your intake grate and what you can do to keep from happening again!!!! As I still cann't even imagine that happening after all my years I have never killed any of my skis with a rock of all the foriegn things to get in there. THat would have me looking at some after market intake grates which along with a ride plate would increase the handling & performance that you would enjoy the ski even that much more I understand after forking out the cash you did on Boat you dont want any thing else to buy but I would highly recomend those bolt on performance add ons which I dont possibly believe would interfar with warranty & you can put stock on easily enough before taking to shop cost should be around $250.00 for both items & very easy to install HF GL & Ride SAFE

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