Loose/leaking rivots alum. hull.repair?


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david ahluwalia
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Loose/leaking rivots alum. hull.repair?

What are some ways to repair loose and leaking rivots in a alumuim hull?I have a bass traker bass boat.So getting at them from the inside will require gutting the interior.I may consider doing this in the dead of winter when I,m not using it.For now the leaks are all but not noticable.I do see a feww riviots that are loose when I crawl under the boat.I would be interested in info on both quick fix from under neath and a permenent fix.I do have a wire welder that I can convert to a mig or tig? If that will help.I don,t know if you can weld a riviot?
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You can drill out the rivets from underneath, put some heavy duty marine sealant in and around the hole and rivet, and re-rivet.

Should work as a quick fix, and could last longer than the original
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david ahluwalia
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RE; reriviot?

Sounds like a ideal,but are you sujesting useing a pop riviot? Because the riviots on a aluimum hull are not pop riviots,there some kind of smash riviots,Pop riviots have holes in the center w/ kmay not seal and may not be very strong?Is there another type riviot that can be used?Or some epoxy that can get inside and around the existing riviot?Just getting al info bere drilling the hull?Thanks

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