Need boat repair advice


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Need boat repair advice

We have a 20 foot Catalina cabin sail boat that has been sitting on its trailer for 5-6 years. The support board on the right side of the trailer has rotted away and is causing the bottom of the boat to flex under the pressure points. What is the best way to replace the board without doing any damage to the boat? We have a couple of ideas : 1st is an "A" frame that we would build or rent if possible and hoist the boat off the trailer using straps / 2nd is using floor jacks or screw jacks evenly distribute the pressure of the jacks from under the boat using boards and angle wiring and raise the boat from the bottom. If there are any suggestions as to which would be good or if there is an easier way that this could be repaired your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Cwindham, Austin TX
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i like the second option, support the boat from the side
you want to repair and the keel. Lash it from the opposing side
as well to keep it from swaying or in case your supports
get jarred loose in the work. Also you can jack up the side
of your work or let some air out of the opposing tires
to give you some lean.

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