Got my carb back on.


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Got my carb back on.

Ok folks finally got my carb rebuilt(actually only tookl about 5hrs total, disassemble, clean, soak, dry, and rebuild, and reinstall. wasnt bad at all. Started right up I did a little tinkering and the Air/fuel mixture screw. have the motor running in a trash can filled with water. I plan on taking it to the boat ramp tommorow, where I can take a quick spin, return to the dock , and readjust........ so hopefully tommorow I will get it fine tuned. I noticed at higher rpm it smoked more then I am used to,maybe its just beceause I am not moving? Could this be a lean mixture, or something else.
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I took it to the ramp today, started right up. I was impressed it has never started that easy since I bought it 3 yrs ago
Took it for a little spin, the manual said to run it hard for 1or 2 minutes take the plug out and look, which I did and the plug(insulater) was really white, and very dry, I was worried about it running to hot, Did a little adjusting put the plug back in and ran it again, this time the plug was a tannish color which the manual says is good, and it was a little wet. Ever since I have owned this boat, I could never go from full throttle to neutral really fast without it stalling. Now I can do it all day long...................I may do a little more tweaking as needed, but I was suprised at how easy it was................ Thanks for all the help. Hey Boatmech, have you got a part # for that tach, Were going tubing in less than 2 weeks so If I could I would like to get that in. Again thanks for the help everyone.
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