dry rot


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Steven Carnie
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dry rot

A local boat company recently "repaired" a leak to my transom. Water was coming in slowly. After they removed the engine and replaced the seal it leaked a lot faster. After bringing it back in the mechanic confessed that the transom screws seemed soft screwing into the transom wood and so are dryrotted. The only solution they came up with was to take out the engine, cut out the bad spots and rewood and fiberglass. Can't a person just inject some Marine Epoxy in and around the holes, let it harden and then screw back in the bolts. the stuff I'm talking about drys white, is waterproof and is drillable. This would be a much less expensive fix. Would a person have to get rid of all the dry rot if it is sealed up tight? comments?
thank you
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Dryrot inside of fiberglass encapsulated wood is a structural fault, and not subject to "quick-fix" as you suggest.

Even though the hole would be sealed and made stronger by injecting epoxy or other substance into the area, dry rot would remain in untreated areas and weaken the transom structure.

The transom is subject to tremendous stress from engine torque, hull twisting, towing skiers, towing other boats, etc. and if it fails can cause all kinds of problems, as you can imagine.

Removing all the affected material and renewing it is the only way to properly repair the problem.

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