How to winterize


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How to winterize

Hi, I'm new to boating but I have a 1972 Johnson 65 Hp outboard and was wondering what I have to do to get it ready for winter. The boat will probably be stored outside and has a new cover for the boat and the motor. Thanks
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tell ya what i do nd have not had any problems.

1. check the lower unit oil. any water signs then you must change the oil.
2. unhook the fuel line from the motor and run the motor untill it stalls. this keeps the carbs. from gumming up while stored. (be sure the motor is in water or has a water flush adapter hooked to it. wouldn't want to hurt the motor.)
3. place fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank per instructions on bottle.
4. if you live where the winters are rough, buy a cheap sleeping bag or water heater insulation and wrap around the lower unit. this helps keep the unit from freezing just incase there is any water in the lower unit.
5. cover any and all holes (livewell drain/intake, bilge pump output etc.) with tape. i have had rodents build nests in these.
6. remove batteries and any electronics you can and store inside.
7. spray the engie block and wiring with a moisture inhibitor(sp)
8. raise front of trailer to help any unseen water run out/off.
9. if possible, place trailer on jack stands to get wheels off ground.(i personally don't do this but have heard of other people who recommend it.)
10. pray for winter to pass quickly and get back on the water.
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Thanks k5, I will try all of those things!

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