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Advice would be appreciated.
Rig: 1979, 18' Formula / 135 hp outboard

The transom has developed a crack right along the base of the engine bracket on the transom. This is no doubt a result of the engine flexing/vibrating and making a "cooke-cutter" crack along the lower edge of the bracket.
(Transom is about 2" plywood-glassed inside and out)

My "fix" plan is to lift the engine, calk the slice that's in the glass, then install a 1/4" aluminum plate (slightly larger than the engine bracket ) between the transom and the engine...thereby sealing the crack and spreading the engine weight over a larger surface of the fibreglass transom.

My concerns relate to wood core of the transom-whether it will dry out and retain its integrity... and whether the aluminum plate will fracture under the load.

Any suggestions as to what calk I can use to seal the crack?
I fear that if I try to re-glass the damage, I'll create a high spot which will be subject to greater pressure than the surrounding area once the engine is reinstalled.
All assistance greatly appreciated.
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I have seen that technique used many times and have
detected resuting stress placed on the outer edges of the transom where it meets the deck.
If this is the way you plan to go, vs cutting out the poor
wood and relaminating the transom, i would
recommend an internal brace. A "knee" to the floor
or some steel rods threaded thru the alum plate
secured to the main hull stringer.
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I may be alittle late

Willi Boatmech is right it probaly will need more support
what engine does this boat have is the transom under alot
of stress?? Fixing or replaceing the wood and reglassing the area might be better or alot of work depending on how bad it is as far as it building up to high you grind down the area then bring it back up to the same thickness making sue to leave enough for the gelcoat which is pretty thick

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