Fuel & amp gauge


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Fuel & amp gauge

Hi Members, Just bought a 87 four winns boat with a 4.3 eng,noticed the fuel gauge and amp gauge not working,the price was right so I didn't argue,anybody that can tell me where to begin in checking these out,for ex.sending unit or gauge and how I go about it.
Thanks in Advance
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Hello: scamper. Welcome to the Boating, Sailing, PWC, GPS, & Navigation topic.

Congratulations on the boat purchase too.

You will need an voltage/ohm meter to do some testing.

With the engine running, (in the water of course) test for current at the gauges. If there isn't any, going backwards from the gauges, check for current at the connections.

Continue checking for current, from the gauges backwards, to there point of connection and or a fuse block. While doing so, notice the wires conditions, connection points, terminals, etc. Clean any corrosisions, broken or defective terminals, etc.

Point here is to attampt to locat a place where electrical current is suppose to be and isn't. Than determine why. Looking for any one or more reasons mentioned above and or additional reason(s).

Might be a fuse. Check it for continuity. May look or appear good but may not be. Also, if nothing can readily and easily be found, check both sides of any switch which may power the dashboard options, etc.

Checking and testing may reveal the cause before assuming one or both gauges are defective. Replacing gagues only to find it was not the gauge(s) is unproductive, wastes $ and time.

Sometimes but not always, something as simple as a poor connection, (positive or ground) bad terminal, rust and or corrossion, etc can be located, cleaned and the problem is resolve....no money involved...

Our resident boat service & repair professionals will have additional helpful information, suggestions and advice. Check back on your question several times for additional replies.

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating. Life Long Boating, Fishing and Navigation Enthusiast. Web Site Host, Forums Monitor & Multiple Topics Moderator. TCB4U2B2B Business Management Services.
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Depending how yours is wired an amps guage is wired in to the ignition switch along with the fuel guage.
The fuel guage has 12v positive from the ign switch on the + terminal and then has the level control wired to the neg side of the guage.
You will need to check the path of flow with a test light.
Put the clip of the light on a known negatve and then trace the power from the battery then posibly a buss bar then the switch.............and so on.
Also make sure the ground is good.
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If you have to look for new parts for the boat might try

www.defender.com Have a lot of wet fun


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