Help: mariner 115 oil problem & probable rebuild


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Help: mariner 115 oil problem & probable rebuild

Over the last couple weeks i did a carb rebuild on my dads boat. Tonight i ran out to the lake and gave it a test run. While running full throttle it started making a noise and to make a long story short it doesnt have any compression in the bottom cylinder.

Obviously that cylinder didn't get oil, I forgot to mention above that i also rebuilt the fuel pump which has an oil line running to it. i called my dad and he told me since i broke the seal on the oil system that caused the problem. i dont understand how running a couple seconds without oil could have caused the problem. he told me i should have mixed oil in the gas to make sure the cylinders got oil.

after thinking about it for a while it dawned on me that this motor when idleing doesnt get fuel to the bottom 2 cylinders....that is by design by Mercury. the carbs dont even have idle screws so those 2 cylinders are flapping in the breeze anyways.

is it possible that the dealer will be able to re-ring this thing and send us on our way tomorrow or the next day? or are we looking at a total rebuild? i guess i forgot to mention he is supposed to be pulling this boat to alabama on sunday morning for a week long fishing trip.

so, does my dad have any glimmer of hope of taking this boat? thank god he is a fair man and is taking this pretty least his buddy has a boat they can take.

any help is appreciated

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thank god he is a fair man and is taking this pretty least his buddy has a boat they can take.

Id say take the other boat for now


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