Nissan 3.5hp Water pressure


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Question Nissan 3.5hp Water pressure

I hope that you might be able to help me. I recently purchased a 1992 3.5hp. I used a 5 gallon bucket raised up to provide the proper water level to test the motor. I noticed that the water monitor tube did not have a stream of water, merely dripped quickly. I decided that I should replace the impeller. I found that the old one was missing one of its fins. I did fined the missing fin totally intact. After reassembly I noticed that the water was dripping a little faster, but still not a stream.

I removed the monitor tube and it was clear. I then cleaned out the nipple on the engine. Still the same results. The nipple had about a 16th of an inch diameter hole and the hose had about an 8th inch hole. I do not see how this would "stream" out.

Bottom line, when your engine is at idle or low speed in a bucket, should the monitor hose have a stream of water shooting out?

Someone suggested that I let it run and then see how hot the water is. If it is painful then there is an issue.

Could it be that the 5 gallon bucket is not big enough and the exhaust is shooting air into the water?

What else should I check or do? Should I wait until I get it into the lake?

Should I be concerned? Any recommendations?

I really do not want to take it apart again, but then again I do not want to burn it out!

Thanks in advance for your reply.
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Cant say for sure I sure wouldnt try and run an outboard in a 5 gal bucket. On small motors have ran them in a 55 gal barrel.


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