Spring start up


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Eileen Desantis
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Spring start up

Just hooked up the battery on the 2002 carolina skiff 16 dxl I inherited from my Dad. Had it winterized prof. by a machanic. He said all I had to do in the sring was to hook up the battery and go if it still was charged. Its dead (Ill buy a charger) but Im a little concerned that nothing else should be done. Its a 2002 45 Yamaha that has 10 hrs. on it. (Dad got cancer before he ever got to use it) I put the 10 hrs. on it at the end of last summer fluke fishing before winterizing it. Any advice? Thank You ED
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If he said just go for it I would. But I would check out the lower unit for oil ,Just to make sure. look at the book on it .It should tell you how.

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Eileen Desantis
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Thanks Ed. Will look at owners manual as you suggested. Boats are new to me owningwise , used to have 82 wide glide. ED
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Hello: E.D.

Sorry to know about your dad.

The advice Ed provided is good.
Obtain the manual, if you do not already have it. If you already have it, do read it. The information contained it the manual will provide you with the maintainence required on that specific engine.

Additional suggestion. Verify the cooling system is also operating. Water should be pouring out the exhaust where the prop is. Unless that specific engine exhausts the cooling water else where.

Pumps inside the shaft have vains which been known to dry out. Even if the engine hasn't been removed from the water. Which is not likely the case.

More likely dry dock on a trailer. But if the engine has been dry docked, be sure cooling is taking place.

Side Note:
82 wide glide??? HUUUUMMMM....As in Harley Davidson wide glide???

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