PWC Battery Charging


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Question PWC Battery Charging

Hello, I recently purchased a 1996 and 1997 SeaDoo GTX PWC. I purchased a battery charger with a 12 Volt 2 amp/12 Volt 15 amp setting. What should I set the charger on (2 or 15 amps) and how long should I charge my PWC Batteries? Also, when I charge the batteries, do I need to disconnect the posts? Any help would be very, very helpful!!
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If you're having trouble with the battery, it may be the original. It probably has a bad cell or two. I'd simply buy a new battery for the pwc.

For charging I would use the 2 amp setting and trickle it overnight. Yes remove the wiring from the posts.

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Dont know where you are .But down here 3 years on a battery thats it get a new one. In boat or car.

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Thank you.

Thanks for the help Fred. I had changed out the battery just after I purchased the seadoo's, but did not know how I should charge the batteries. I will toss the batteries on the charger and keep it on 2 amps overnight. What range should the battery read if I test it with a meter, so that I know that I have full charge?
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Ed is correct, but his answer regarding battery life if biased based upon the fact that he lives in Florida. I've lived in Florida (Miami) and in southern Texas (Galveston area) and I can tell you that your car battery typically won't last but two or three years down south. I've also lived a lot of years in the more northern states, now in Iowa. Batteries do last a lot longer here. There main reason for this is the heat. Yes, we can and do get hot here in Iowa, but we don't get the 92-95 degree days EVERY day for months at a time like they do down south. That relentless heat will kill a battery. You also call on your battery to support the heavy loads when starting and running with lots of A/C on. We don't get near the number of A/C days here in Iowa. I don't think the life of a PWC is quite as severe but I suppose you could get a lot of heat on the battery if you park the unit outside when you're not using it.

If you have all night to recharge the battery, just put it on trickle (2 amp) charge and let it run. You can't really make a meaningful measurement of battery charge with a meter. Only a hydrometer will tell you that.

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