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starting engine

Being a new owner of the boating world, just got a 1982 cajun boat. Question is does the boat need to be in water to start the engine? And the boat has sat in storage for about 5 years what should I look for to make sure the engine is okay?
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Starting boat

If this is a outboard ,you can purchase a adapter to attach to the lower unit and hook a garden hose up to.It only takes a few seconds to burn the water pump impeller up without water being available to it.Goodluck
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You dont say what you have there. 5 years boy. Id pull the spark plugs out and some#10 oil in there turn the engine over some by hand first here. Then by battery some before you try and start it Check the lower unit for oil and put new oil in the engine also.You might have to have the carb cleaned out here also.As was said you have to have water there for it to run on land .

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If its an inboard a few turns to check starting isn't bad, but it is a boat. Like the others have said, do a little more than just crank it up. You don't want to suck trash that has accumulated in you gas into your carb. Just my amatuer input.

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