97 sea doo oil problem, wont start


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97 sea doo oil problem, wont start

I am trying to start my 97GSX for the first time this summer. With good batteries, it turns over very slow. I pulled the two plugs and the front plug is oil soaked. I turned the engine over and oil shot out the front plug hole. It is like the chamber is filling up with oil, causing too much compression and not allowing the engine to turn over. There is no way the enging can turn over fast enough to ever fire. Please, someone help. This GSX has the 782cc rotax engine and it ran great on the last run of last year.
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Post see my thread - oil coming out exhaust when starting.

apparently this happens, according to others, once you clear out the oil, ( and I cleaned the plugs) it will work again.

I'm still waiting for a reply to see what can be done to prevent this. ( other then engine re-build). - store the thing with its nose down, clamp off the oil line, open the tank to remove oil presure, etc.). (I'm going to try claming the oil line next time it is stored.)

The other person said he is just going to sell the thing.
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I am having the same problem in my xp. how do you clear out the oil? i just got this thing, and i dont really know all that much.
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An easy fix would be to just remove the oil injection, install a block off plate, and use premix. This also lets you find the perfect ratio of oil/fuel to get your ski running at its optimum. I have a Sea Doo SP which I have had no problems with so far, but that is what I'll be doing as soon as the oil injection starts to screw up. If you don't want to do that, the first thing to check would be the carb settings. If the carbs are running too rich, you might need to adjust them...also check the spark. It also might be that the starter is starting to go bad. That was the case last year with mine after it had been sitting for a while. They are usually pretty expensive, but I found one on ebay for $115 and installed it myself. Haven't had any problems yet, either. But yeah, I would check the spark, the carb settings, and then hook a starter up to the battery to get full power and see if she cranks. If not, your problem might be the starter. Post your results...
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Well, the guy's problem is probably been solved by now, but here is the real problem.

The problem has nothing to do with oil injection. That engine (782cc Rotax with RAVE) has a counterbalancer that resides in an oil bath. When the crank seals go bad, which is common, the oil then drains directly into the crankcases. You'll need to tear down the motor and replace the crank seals.

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