Volvo Penta AQ125A Ignition


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Volvo Penta AQ125A Ignition

I am tring to troubleshoot an ignition system in a 1983 Bayliner with a Volvo Penta AQ125A.

The boat has been sitting over the winter with the drain plug in. During that time, the rain filled the boat 1/2 way with water (Could not excape because drain plug was in.

Once this was discovered, the water was drain and I began working on the issue. The Starter was submerge (only part of the ignition system that was in water) with water and the boat would not turnover so I replaced the start and the engine will now turnover.

Next, I took the coil in to have is tested and it tested fine (as far as we could tell).

Next issue is the plugs have no spark.

My question to everyone is what is the next steps to take to get the boat running?

Thank you from a boat owner that made a big mistake.
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Did you ever figure this issue out? I'm sure you did. I had a similar problem, well, not exactly, the boat wasn't full of water but had been exposed to the elements for a few years and all of the connections had corrosion on them. I did a full scan of everything, cleaned all connections and was stuck without starting. The coil rang out according to specs and I had continuity and voltage everywhere I should besides one place, from the distributor to the engine ground. From what I understand you need this to properly ground the condenser. As soon as I fixed the grounding issue the plugs had a very bright and strong spark. Boat runs great!

Bought a new trailer for $400 and the boat came free. It is a Regal Medallion 185 with the volvo penta aq125a. The boat needed a new floor inside and some basic stuff like tune up, impeller, drive bellow and a fuse. $400 bucks later it runs perfect, has new floor and loves the lakes! Good deals like that donít come along often.

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