Trim question


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Trim question

I have a Volvo 270 outdrive.There is a switch on the dashboard for raising and lowering the drive.I thought it was for when you trailer the boat.My buddy says that you can use that switch to control the ride of the boat.I can raise or lower the drive as much or as little as I need.Is he right or wrong?I have been running the boat with the drive all the way down.Is that correct?thanks
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A lot there is what is the load in the boat and also what is the water like. After your up and out of the hole running. play with it pull it up just a little at a time and see how its the best up a little or back down. If you go back to pick up a skier drop it back down till your out of the hole then trim it again. dont you have any paper work on the boat?? I know on some units you can bring the unit almost all the way up and run them very very slow to like get off a mud or sand bar. But check that out first for your unit.


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