OMC 3 litre trim problems: Help!


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Unhappy OMC 3 litre trim problems: Help!

Help! I have a 1992 Caravelle with a OMC 3.0 L 4 cyl. The trim motor does not work, but I can hear the motor and see a dip in the voltmeter when I press the switch. In addition, the boat motor is running roughly and stalls out in reverse. Steering is difficult and there is a smell of burning rubber. The motor is leaking gas or oil. Clearly I need a mechanic, but I can't afford one right now as I am out of a job. The boat stays in the water 24/7. 1) Will I damage the boat if I leave it in the water? 2) Will I damage the boat if I run it? 3) Is this a repair an amateur can make? 4) Is the boat worth the repair? 5) If not, where do old boats go? Sure appreciate your help!
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for the trim, check for loose, corroded connections on the solonoids. there are 2 of them, bolted on the starboard side of the engine. also check the fluid resevoir. it may be low or empty. a stalling engine may be a sign that it's time for a tune up. when was the last time u changed the plugs, adj. carb etc? u say it's leaking gas or oil. do u smell gas? or oil? if it's leaking gas, do not run the engine until u find out why it is leaking & u have repaired the leak! u have an explosion waiting to happen if it is leaking gas! open the engine hatch. sniff for gas fumes. does it have power steering? hard steering could mean a loose or worn belt. or the resevoir could be low on fluid. i don't think leaving the boat in the water will do any harm. i think the main issue u have here is the possibility of a gas leak. like i said, do not run the engine until u make sure it is not leaking gas. remember, the engine sits in an enclosed compartment. if gas fumes build up in the engine compartment, & u try to start the engine, a spark from the starter can ignite the fumes! u & the boat can be blown sky high. it's happened before, with sad results. i suggest u get a repair manuel for the engine & drive that u have. any boat dealer will have one in stock or will order one for u. $25-30 bucks. the boat is worth saving in my opinion, it just needs some tlc. let me know what u find. i have the same engine & drive in my boat. it's an '87, & runs like a champ. why? i take care of it. i can give u some pointers, if u want to take the time to diy. good luck.
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Thanks so much!

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