40 hp Evinrude


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40 hp Evinrude

Hi,I have a 40 hp Evinrude (late 70s early 80s) that cuts out at dies out at high speed,will run fine and then suddenly will just die. Started rough ideling and getting some unusal noise,It blew up a few years ago and the guy who fixed it couldn't find out why it was dieing (yes an on going problem) About the only thing I have done is swap out the tank and lines....Any Ideas?
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Question More Specific & Detailed Info Requested

Hello; Tarzan13531

Engine dying and stalling has many possible causes. Easiest to diagnose is fuel problems. Since you changed out some of the parts, may be the fuel pump and or a restriction in the fuel supply system or a carb problem, etc.

Harder to diagnose is electrical problems. You would have to test for spark during the times when the engine dies. Could be a simple connection problem anywhere in the electrical system or kill switch, ignition system

Not much detailed and specific information provided. Aside from the engine blowing up prior problem, which is not explained in details, (what is actually meant by blowing up?)

Two cycle engines can have any number of reasons and or causes can exist. Knowning specific helps to isolate the problem more accurately to provide more specific diagnostics help.

The diy resident boat service & repair professionals will have additional helpful information, suggestions and advice. Check back on your question several times for additional replies.

Kindly use the reply button to add any additional detailed and specific information, etc. to this thread. Using the reply button method also moves the topic back up to the top of the daily list automatically.

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating.
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A bit more.....

I have 2- 40s on the boat and when I have the high speed engine dieout,It quits suddenly and will Just about always restart with some throttle,It is an intermintant problem but getting worse,Seems to have a poor idle too(there again sometimes).
The "blowup" was a thrown rod and the guy who repaired it said it was unusal because it was the cylinder that usally stays good and he didn't know the reason for the failure.
If you might need spicific details just ask.... and thanks for the help
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Still at a loss

I really don't know where to start with this Ploblem.. I did find a small fuel leak at the fuel pump.at the lotlet side,Seemd to be lots of pressure and when I move the hose It shot some gas out.I re-clamped it and hopefully this will clear it up...I'm game to check anything else that anyone might come up with.....Mike
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sounds like a dirty carb. more over the high idle jet. does it run ok at low speed?
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Really hard to diagnois over the internet. If the engine dies out like you turned it off rather than sputtering, I would suspect an ignition problem (particularly when it is intermittent). If the connections for the switch and wiring look good like Sharp Advise noted, with two matching engines, you can swap around some parts to see if the problem goes to the other engine. I would try swapping the coils and powerpack/ignition module from one engine to the other and see what happens
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I guess I should of tryed to swap out a few ignition parts, But after tinkering around with it,I took it out for a test spin and I once again, "blew it up" Burnt a hole in the upper piston.The lower one looks fine.....So I think I'm going to look for a new engine and use the ole one for parts. But why do you think the same cylenders fried? Not picking up enought oil from the injection system? Sucking air from somewhere? Think that this was the reason it was dieing out ? Didn't really seem hot when compaired to the other engine.....

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