engine/stern drive removal (Transom Replacement)


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Unhappy Transom replacement

Hello. I have an 87 Searay with a 3.0 litre Alpha One stern drive ..17 footer...bowrider...My transom is rotting due to my stern drive (top of it) has a 1/4 " gap...with my drive up I can move it up and close the gap from it to the transom.... ...I called a shop today and he wants 3200 dollars ...My boat only cost me 2300 when I bought it...Is there a step by step procedure out there somewhere to replace the transom or is it for a pro to do???(his cost included seals and redoing bildge area as well-motor mounts)Thanks,Pete43
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he wants $3200 because it's a major repair. the engine & drive will have to be removed. even if u diy, the materials will set u back some decent $$$$, not to mention the time involved. check out the book called runabout renovation. u can find it on amazon.com. read the book then decide iif it's worth it. a couple yrs. a go i replaced the floor & stringers on my 19ftr. trust me, fiberglass work is time consuming, dirty, & expensive even if u diy. i never want to do it again!
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Hello: Pete

The costs to replace the transom should not be based on the cost you paid for the boat. The price should be based on what the boat is worth to you.

Any flaw done in the work, etc in and or to the transom could result in personal injury and or total boat loss. In other words, sinking in some fashion.

A transom is exposed to tremendous stresses in all directions under all loads. One tiny fault, minor fracture, imperfection or flaw and the transom gives way, breaks apart or begins to leak or worse.

There is just some projects or tasks which are not do it yourself projects. In my opinion, boat transoms, stringers, hulls and most other areas of support or stress, a transom being one of them.

Personal advice:
Seek out and pay for professional help for this type of project. I do not even suggestion accpeting the lowest bid for this type of repair. Quality work from a reliable and well known for quality work professional in business doing such work for many years is the best choice.

Ask at just about any boat club member whom is likely to have your best interests in mind about doing this type of work yourself and you will not find many (if any) long time boaters whom would even think of doing such work as a diy project.

However, long term boaters and owners in boat clubs are very likely to know whom to suggest or refered you to who specializes in this type of work ...

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating.
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Talking Pour in a new transom!

I just this weekend replaced the transom, keel and left stringer on my recently purchased (cheap! ) '84 cimmarron tri hull '15. The wood came out like snuff it was so rotted! I used a polyester resin component called "Seacast" from Volusia county Fl. They have a website and complete instructions. DIY'ers can handle this one! It is now like a rock and will never rot again. It is much stronger than when new. I got all of my other fiberglass materials from specialty fabrics in W.P.B. Fl. as they have the best prices and service,


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thanks for your replies..I have already got another quote from a pro in a nearby city..I may take it down to him and let him look at it....He quoted around 2000.00 but he would have to look at it..The other quote (for 3200.00) said he would have to take off the whole transom (inside and out) to redo it..match up paint...etc... I told the 2000 quoter this and he could not believe this guy wanting to remove the WHOLE transom (outside of boat)..Anyhow,have any of you heard of this??? (having to remove whole transom???) So, I am still stuck...The 3200 quoter told me as well as long as I am not taking alot of water in I can still use boat....(it is an I/O) not an outboard and the transom is not as "stressed" with an I/O then an outboard..so he said..The 3200 quoter was referred by my boat mechanic and he said he was good.My boat mechanic said I can bring it down and he would give me 500.00 for my engine and drive and "scrap" my hull..sorry, so long on my reply....but have wife and small kids and I am CONCERNED for their safety and mine.. .I will research the SEACAST option....Thanks for any additional replies.....Pete43
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I dont see why you cant do it yourself. You can rebuild it with the west system. Go to http://www.defender.com they have all you need right there. they also well send you a marine buyers guide that has all the glass, epoxy and polyester resin you will need . If your working out side dont work in the sun with any of it.

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engine/stern drive removal

Hello. Have a 87 Searay which has a rotted transom...I am going to remove the outdrive and engine myself...I have a Clymer manual...It is a 3.0 litre 4cyl with an Alpha one drive...Difficult to do? Also(which most of us fight for spare time)what a mechanic would charge for this?.. Thanks..Pete42
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Thumbs up Small favor to ask

Hello: Pete

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