Repainting boat question


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Repainting boat question

The guy that owned the boat before me bottom painted the boat.He kept the boat docked,but I prefer to trailer it.The paint looks terrible.I have decided that something must be done.I would really like to paint the hull white again,but if thats not possible than I at least need to repaint the ugly blue bottom paint.Question-Can I do this myself,and if I can how do I set the boat up so I can paint the entire hull? Am I suposed to leave it on the trailer?
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Hello: trebor

Certainly can repaint the bottom yourself. Fact is, doing so is a great diy project. The work usually gets done much better, when done in that fashion. Extra tlc can be used to get a better finished and final job. Done at regular intervals the task gets easier each time. (Less prep work each following time)

Lots of prep work usually needs to be done first. Sanding, etc. Than a primer coat followed by the finish coat. Additional work and or additional coats not included above. Depends on the current paints condition and hull condition etc.

You did not mention size (footage) of that boat. But if it is on a trailer and not too large or heavy, paint the areas you can. Than jackup one end slightly, paint that area and allow drying time. Repeat for the other end.

Boat yards use slings to lift the boat onto stationary stands and jacks. They paint the accessable areas than reposition the boat to do the areas covered by the stands and jacks. All you need to do is duplicate that process.

Replacing the anode and any other bottom parts should also be done at this time, if you are handy. Idea is to do all needed work and or install any new items at that time before repainting or trailer the boat to have that type work done professionally.

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating.
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my boat is a 19 ft. bowrider. I'm not sure of the wieght.I have a friend who painted an old boat (same size) maybe a little heavier.I asked today how they did it.They lifted the boat off the ground by connecting to the motor.The owner is in the auto business and has a garage to do this.If I can use his shop do you think this is wise?
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I say first you have a lot of WHATS here on the boat.
Now do you want to take the bottom back to no paint. A good pressure washer will take it off for you. If you try and sand it look out. Have a very good face mask on at all times.They are all very toxic.
Now on bottom paints.Salt water or fresh water. You said keep on the trailer. So you want a pant that you can go into and out of the water. There are some that you have to keep in the water all the time. In fact put the boat in the water while its still wet. Also there is another bottom paint that you have to use on the lower unit. Not the same bottom paint . Go to ask for a cat. there and see all the paints that they have for this. There is one for racing bottom. look to pay about $195.00 a Gal for a good bottom paint.
like Ted said I have done a lot on the trailer. Take and slide the boat back off it some right on big foam blocks,as you pull the trailer out. Just touch up when you pull it back on. Have done 8' to 60' you can do it .Its just a lot of work. For sure dont forget new zinc anodes on it. DONT PAINT THEM . get that catalog you can learn a lot about boats and the paint's for them

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Hi: trebor

You can do this yourself. A 19 footer is a piece of cake.
Great diy project. With or without a hoist, etc.
Lots of labor work granted. But also lots of self satisfaction too!
And likely the job will be far better than any boat yard.
In those places production (time spent) is more important than quality.
Have seen many jobs done where the hull supports areas where not even repainted on boats which are not trailerable! The owners may only find this out by diving under to look or the boat hull skindiver tells the owner.

Hi Ed:
Easy Job...Right Ed? 19 footer is a cake walk.
At least compared to those 60 footers...haha.

Do it yourself where ever the boat is located and without hoists, etc.
The project is great, the cause worthy and when completed, post back the results. Help others in this forum on that subject of boat repainting too. At the finsih time you'll be a pro too.

Good Luck

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