1972 Mercruiser runs rough, stalls


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1972 Mercruiser runs rough, stalls

I recently purchased a 1972 boat with a 140 hp I/O Mercruiser. It was marina serviced last fall before I purchased and this spring before I ran it. The first day it ran great (the motor is recently rebuilt). The second and thirds it ran intermittenly great to stalling and not restarting. We thought it was out of gas but it is not. But when filling up with gas we noticed the gas cap is cracked and water could and probably did get in.

When the engine will restart (getting to hot?) it runs ok at slow speed but dies when accelerating.

Any ideas for a non mechanic with an old boat?
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does it have a ful/water seperator? if it does, replace it. also, i think there is a product that u add to the tank that will help to remove the water.
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My dad and I have a 67? Gulfstream Mercruiser. It had a problem like yours and we had a few thousand dollars worth of service done on it(professional and by ourselves) and after nothing seemed to help much my dad replaced the fuel pump and now it works fine. Check the fuel pump and see if it moves freely, if it does it could be worn out. I didn't actually see him do it so I can't offer much more detailed advice but there should be plenty of resources online about removing it since it's not so different from a car engine. Also check and replace any inline fuel filters(silver cylinders along the line to the carbeurator).

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