1995 Seadoo with Rock in Impeller


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1995 Seadoo with Rock in Impeller

A friend borrowed my Seadoo and drove it onto the beach. Now there is a pretty good sized rock stuck in the impeller which I can see from the rear of the Seadoo. Does anyone know how to take the back apart so I can get the rock out?
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The simple method is to get the rock out the way it went in (no, not by running it up the beach) - take it out the front.

1) Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2) Remove the spark plugs.

3) Remove the cover over the driveshaft at the back of the engine (two wing nuts).

4) With one person prodding the rock with a long screwdriver from the back, turn the engine by the PTO (the round thing now exposed at the back of the engine) by hand. You should be able to get it out with this method.

More than likely, your impeller and wear ring is damaged and will need replacement.

Read through these links:


You may want to have this work done by a qualified Sea-Doo mechanic.
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Exclamation Wish I read your reply before ......

I had the same deal with the PWC that I was given The owner said it had no power- the impeller was plugged with 3 good size rocks.

I tried removing the thuster at the rear ( how hard could that be - I saw 4 bolts holding it together.) removed the bolts, but it did not want to come appart, tried a crowbar to persade it - using the idea that a bigger hammer always helps!) Crow bar slipped, came back at me with a vengence! after a trip to the emergency room, and 10 stiches later, I gave up on removing the truster. The rocks did break so I could guide them out with a spoon.

So much for the bigger hammer idea! next time I will use sharp's advice!

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