Sea Doo XP Engine Problems


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Sea Doo XP Engine Problems

I just purchased a 1999 Sea Doo XP Limited with a 951cc engine. It is cosmetically in MINT CONDITION. Barely a scratch or mark anywhere.

Here is the story, and then the problem.
The original engine had less than 20 hours on it, when the previous owner ran it out of oil (long story). So he purchased a rebuilt engine and attempted to install it himself.
The new engine looks like it was installed correctly, however the previous owner talks about not 'aligning' the engine correctly. I'm not sure what that means.
It also has a brand new starter and battery installed.
The problem is that when you hit the start button, the starter just clicks and sometimes completely kills everything electrical until you remove the key and reinstall it. The engine will not turn over.
The previous owner states that from his knowledge and investigation, the motor will bind with the driveshaft until it is lined up correctly, and that isn't something he did while installing it, and didn't want to re-do it now.
So he sold it to me cheap.
My question is, does the story sound legit, and what can I do to solve the problem. We only have about another month left to ride, so I would love to hit the water.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Steve
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I hope you've had some answer elsewhere by now.

I highly doubt the story is legit. With the range of adjustements on the installation of that engine, the only problem you'd have is a really bad case of engine vibration at higher speeds (rpm, actually). This would eventually cause it's own list of problems (none of which sound like they are what you have).

My bet is that it was installation related. And most likely, if it's what I am thinking, it is easy to fix. I'm betting that when he installed the red +12v starter cable to the starter, he either connected it to the wrong place, or he did something where the cable is shorted to the engine (perhaps twisted against something upon installation. Check this wire at the starter.
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Good News

Well, I did get good news from the Sea Doo Dealer / Mechanics. The problem is the starter clutch, which is bad / bent, and it ruined the starter (actually 3 starters). The bad clutch most likely came along with the rebuilt engine, which is bad news for the previous owner, since he footed the bill for the engine, and basically got screwed. They assure me that it will be fixed within a couple of days and I should be on the water for Labor Day. They also verified that the engine is definitely a brand new high performance SBC engine, and it has never been fired. Thanks for everyone's help.

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