2.5 omc motor bogging out at high speeds???


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Exclamation 2.5 omc motor bogging out at high speeds???

I have a 1983 avanti with a 2.5 omc (chevy)? seems to idle fine and runs well at lower speeds but when i open it up and plane out it runs for a few seconds then bogs way down to almost stalling, so i lay off the throttle back to neutral...usually i can keep it running, but when i open it up again and plane out it gets back to boggin out what are some causes? some people say it could be points....fuel pump....carb cleaning. just looking for a place to start or if anyone has had similar probs and can help
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could be any of the above, but i would start with a new fuel filter.
also, you may have water in your tank and when you gun it the water goes to the back of the tank and gets drawn in to the system. just a thought.
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Thx for the info...

Thank you for the quick response...im off to the store....trying to fill this hole in the water I'll let ya know what happens
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2.5 Omc

I had a 87 boat with a 2.5L mercrusier. All most the same problem. The carb when I took it a part had crud built up over the years. I went to NAPA Auto Parts. They carry Inboard engine parts. Take the #'s off the engine and carb and manufactor of carb and get a rebuild kit. Its half the price of a boat dealer. I found out that this is were the boat dealer in my area gets most of his parts. Get some carb cleaner and some air you'll be all set. Good Luck
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Sometimes that gunk gets stuck in the anti siphon valve in the fuel
pickup in the tank too. ck it out.
sure sounds like fuel problem.
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A Timing Issue

I had a 2.5 and it experienced the same problem. It was solved by manually adjusting the timing to a point where it would run good at both speeds. However, it can also be a compression issue, a fuel pressure issue, a fuel filter, or carb adjustment. So, you have to test them all.

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