Boat lift (electric?) brake failing


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Boat lift (electric?) brake failing

Recently when lowering boat, the further down it gets the greater the amount it continues to slowly descend after the current is off. UP has no effect until the descent finally stops on its own. The switch is definitely working properly. There must be a brake or it would always descend just by the weight.
The electric motor drives a gear box and chains which turn 2 larger gears mounted on arbors. The arbors wrap/unwrap 6 wire ropes attached to a cradle. This is a serious problem because if the cradle hits the bottom the wire rope tension is lost and they all unspool. Respooling is a long royal pain in the butt.
I am newbie stupid. Do electric motors have an internal brake or an external brake perhaps in the gear box? How does it work? Repairable? Is there fluid that need to be checked? Help.

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Cant you find or call the company that made it???? Some motors do have brakes on them but dont know if yours does. If that is a worm drive I dont see how it can go down if motor is off. Thats why I like a air lift. just close the valve.


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