problems with 88' evinrude VRO 40 hp


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problems with 88' evinrude VRO 40 hp

Until this year had virtually no problems. This year engine starts relatively easy, but poor idle, but would run like a top. Then changed to plastic gas tank from Walmart and squeeze ball doesn't get firm. Additionally, I get intermittent times to the lake that engine just has no power. This weekend at the lake had no power, and about to give up and started to run like a top, again. Today, I had it at the lake and for two hours ran with no power and never ran fast. Additionally, I started getting a high shrill beep noise. Happened one other time (after taking the carbs apart to remedy the loss of power) and I finally determined must be low oil injector pressure squeezed the ball and beep stopped. Today, did the same, was quite annoying but finally stopped.
1) does it have an oil pump? How to check the oil pump to make sure working.
2) what other steps to check for loss of power? It runs good but when full throttle, does not rev up.
I might add that I before going to the lake, I was hooking the hose and muffs starting and when putting into gear (in the back yard) would really rev. good!
At the lake, I could tilt the motor up in the lake and it would try to rev up. I could bump the choke (in the ignition switch) and would rev. a little. Could the lack of power be connected to the squeeze ball not getting hard? Why?

Sorry for so much detail, just need methodical steps to check.

Thanks in advance
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The squese ball removes air from the fuel line. If is is not getting hard you have air in the line. It has a one way valve in it and alowes fuel and air to go only one way. The air goes to the carb and out a vent the fuel goes to the carb untill the flote shtus it off, and the squeese ball is hard as you cannot compress liquid. Make sure the arrow on the ball is pointing toward the way you want the fuel to flow.
If you have a seperate container for the oil it has an oil pump, otherwise it is like most older 2 cycles and requires mixed gas and oil.
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problems w/ 40 hp evinrude

still going to the lake and still having problems. This weekend went back to the old metal tank and thought at first problem resolved. Squeeze ball got firm and ran like a top. Then on next day, same problems, ball would stay firm, no power at all, kept messing with it on the lake while running, punching the choke, squeezing the ball, took gas line off and then connected again and short time later, started running screaming across the lake. I wish I could determine this random problem. Ran great all day long once I got it going.
Any advise appreciated. and yes, it has a separate oil tank.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can offer any advise.
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sounds almost like a bad connector at the engin, visually check,all connectors.

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