40 hp mariner overheating


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40 hp mariner overheating

I have a 1994 Mariner outboard motor, 4 cylinder, 2 cycle. it recently stopped flowing water out of the tell-tale hole, and the overheating warning went into alarm. i have replaced the water pump impeller, but will still not flow any water and it over heats. i have checked the intakes, they re clear to the pump, and we even tried to force water through the water tube into the power head to see if water would flow, but none has. according to the "Clymers" manual, there is no thermostat, and i am open to ideas/suggestions to fix this. i am about to have a marina pull the boat and motor, and have them tear it down, ANY suggestions oin this would be appreciated!!!!

thank you

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Pull the lower unit again, disconnect the water tube from the eng. check for obstructions and blow compressed air thru the tube that the water pump connects to. This should fix the over heating problem. but you may want to connect the tube to the eng and blow air thru the enitre system including the hole in the bottem of the water pump that lets the water in to the pump. The tell tale hole can easily get pluged with a grain of sand, but usally it clears once the eng is turned off. I make the hole bigger with a drill or remove the plastic restrictor and run the ruber tube out the hole.

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