Any GPS suggestions?


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Any GPS suggestions?

I am going to buy a handheld GPS unit and want to spend under $200. I am thinking about the Magellan Gold series. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good buy for under $200?
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$200 doesn't get you a whole lot but Garmin's GPSmap76 is a great machine for around $300. You can get the GPS76 without the mapping for around $200 but the mapping is the part that makes it so nice. Detailed maps can be downloaded from Mapsource for it also.
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Red face Thanks for the Reply

Thanks for the Reply. I am going to use the handheld GPS for marking fishing spots and basic road directionals. I definately have to stay under $200. Does anyone have any other suggestions or experiences?
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I have had a recent style Magellan Meridian for a couple of years and couldn't be more pleased with the operation of it.
My only complaint is that the screen is somewhat difficult to read when in a vehicle in bright sunlight. Was thinking of upgrading to the color Meridian for this.

I have used this GPS for a side contract I have to assign addresses in our rural municipality.
The feature on the Magellan that wasn't available on all units at that time, was an odometer feature. This measures the actual distance travelled and was what I used to assign rural house numbers on a distance basis.
I got the Canadian version of their Mapsend software and used the GPS while hunting near my Northern Canadian home.
The mapping capabilities of this unit are not as good as some dedicated vehicle units I have seen, but even way up here in the bush, trails are shown I didn't know existed.

I have no vested interest in Magellan and I'm sure there could be better ones out there but if one is in your price bracket, you likely won't be dissapointed.

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Land units are quite different from offshore units. Which were you looking for?

And why is Magellan trying to send me a spyware cookie now?
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A bit off topic, but the cookie you likely have detected would be more than likely a tracking cookie rather than spyware.
Tracking cookies as I'm sure you are aware, are a generally accepted part of being online.
I believe this issue of spyware has come before and any further questions about cookies should be adressed in the computer forum.
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Greg, thanks for the input

I am a Geographic Information Systems Analyst and am very familiar with higher end GPS units such as the Trimble GeoExplorer XT but I am looking for something more simple and of course less accurate for fishing. Out of curiosity, how do you assign addresses using your GPS unit? I too assign addresses but use and aerial photo and an engineering scale. I am curious to see how you are doing this?
I guess I am looking for a GPS unit I am able to use on land and offshore but on smaller local Minnesota lakes. I do not want to have to pay extra cash to buy map data chips, is there any GPS units with the data preloaded or where I can download it off the internet?

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Hello chopper,

I should have posted a question about how to assign addresses!

I modified the frontage interval system, where a number is assigned every 52.8, 528 feet or similar.
Because there is a mix of rural property types here I used distance from the beginning of the roadway as the starting point.
This worked very well as our municipality surrounds the adjoining town and the starting point of nearly every road is like a spoke in a wheel.
The beginning of every road is numbered zero which is the actual address and indicates the starting point.
Addresses are then assigned based on the metric distance from the starting point. The address is assigned at the farm road or driveway that leads to a dwelling or significant landmark such as a pump house or railway crossing.
This allows emergency personell know how far along the roadway the property is as well as identifying the farm road that leads to a dwelling.
The GPS odometer function is used for this as it counts down actual distance travelled rather than a straight line distance.
Up here the WAAS correction is available 90 % of the time and makes for 3 meter accuracy.
My own address is 480, being 4.80 KM from the starting point.

I'd be interested in hearing comments on this from GEO guy as I won the bid for this work against a large GEO company. What killed it for them was that they pushed hard to sell the municipality a GPS based addressing system that ties into a larger agricultural land use data base, of which the RM does not yet have. I also won out against a survey technician that works for the neighbouring town.
It has taken a few years for the municipality to finally get around to doing this project which gave me some time to think about it.
But really, other than being a low time pilot with map reading experience and having a basic GPS understanding, I credit the internet with being able to gather over time, the information needed to do this successfully.

Opps, kinda rambling here.

As far as you getting a GPS for the use you stated, one like what I have or similar would work fine.
I don't care for the smaller ones because I find that the screen gets too crowded once you become comfortable using it and like lots of info.

I purchased the MapSend software that I upload to the GPS via PC.
They have both a roads or marine version.
Not sure if maps are available and if they are couldn't be sure of their accuracy.
If you search for this info let us know what you find.
I'm interested but don't seem to find the time to look myself.

GPS units that have basic mapping capability like the Meridian has only major highways and waterways. The waterways included preloaded are all but useless to navigate with.
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Thanks for the reply. Interesting on how you are assigning your addresses using the GPS. I have a road centerline file that has the address ranges imbedded in them going N-S and E-W on the left side and right side of the roads. The accuracy of the actual address can range from 0 to a quarter mile off right now. I have figured a way using parcel information on how to create a database so the Emergency vehicles will be able to drive right to the address but have not put it in place as of yet.
How much was the map data that you bought to download on your gps unit?
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Thumbs up Handheld Magellan GPS

You will not be unhappy with a Magellan. I have used a Magellan handeld
(forget the model) for the last two red snapper seasons & it has worked great!

Never had trouble finding reefs once I bought a sounder.

Make sure your unit is WAAS enabled.
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Lots of different ways to do things.
Our local rural E-9-1-1 street/mailing addresses were assigned using a milage wheel attached to the bumper of the contractor's car.
Our actual E-9-1-1/mailing address is 1807 _ , for instance...or 1.807 thousandths of a mile from the beginning of our paved state road (off main road) to our driveway for use by all emergency vehicles and the post office.
Have no clue what our waterfront home GPS location is. I'll find out when I get a new boat this Spring, because I'm going to get a GPS for use on Albemarle Sound (although I've never been lost on the water for 28 years without one). LOL.

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