200hp Mariner at full throttle runs at 5 knots


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200hp Mariner at full throttle runs at 5 knots

I have a 200hp Mariner outboard that just made it through Hurricane Ivan.

- The gas tank had been emptied by looters so I put in new gas (1/4 tank)
- I replaced the oil filter just in case it had water in it
- I changed the key on the throttle control box because the old one broke.
- I replaced the tilt/trim fuses - or whatever those square things are because one blew
- I replaced the batteries because the old ones got flooded (the battery cables are in bad shape too - but the connection still seems to be ok)

So after all that....the engine starts up ok (though not as good as it used to), and I can put it in reverse fine. But when I put it in forward it won't go much faster than 5 knots. The throttle is definitely opening up all the way - I can see it on the engine - I'm just not getting any rpms. Oh - and it runs smoothly - not puttering or anything like that.

I clearly needs lots of help on this.
Thanks so much for any suggestions!!

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remove the engine cover and look for water in and around your igniton parts and dry them with a hair drier accordingly. Although it seems to run smoothly it could be dead miss on an even number of cylinders which makes them weak but not rough running.
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what should i be taking apart to look for water?
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loss of power

forget about the hair dryer and the water! its a boat! first thing to check is all your throttle linkages.make sure everything is moving freely including the trigger.(mounts at very top of throttle arm and under flywheel) the next thing to check is spark. a v6 merc/mariner of that time was prone to faulty switch boxes and or triggers.good luck! paul
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Don't forget to do a compression test.
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Fuel filter ok????

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